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Privacy Policy

MY TECHNO TECH Privacy Policy

Hello friends, I will tell you about some Privacy & policy of the blog, whatever we share on our website, and what you will get from here, our privacy policy will help you understand. If you use website then The privacy policy must be obeyed otherwise I have the right to block.

What information do I share on my website?

  1. Information about computers. I will tell you about the complete information about the hardware and software of the computer and its problems.
  2. Information about mobile I will tell you about the complete information about the hardware and software of mobile and its problems.
  3. I will also tell you about computer and mobile hardware and software solutions.

What can I do for you

  1. Whatever information I share for you You can tell me about it by commenting on it. What is my experience and I will get encouragement to it.
  2. If you find anything wrong on my website, you can suggest on Contact Us. I will complete the repair
  3. You can help me share what kind of information I have on my own website. Which we could do better for our visitor.


  1. You do not have to make a wrong comment in any way
  2. The type of post you want to comment on that post
  3. If you have any complaint from my website, please direct contact me to Contact Us you do not have permission to use any incorrect word.

Third Party Link

You can not post a link to any website on our website without our permission. If you post links without need, your comment will not be published. If you need to post a link you can


Cookies are a very small file. The browser that uses can send it to our computer's hard drive. We can use cookies for the future of our website.

Change Privacy Policy

We can change the privacy policy of My Techno Tech anytime. When we make a change, it will be notified in the post.

Terms And Condition

So I hope you will follow our site's privacy policy.

All Right Reserved

I have the full right to block, delete, spam your comments. So I hope that you will not break the privacy policy of my website.


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