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How To Fix OnePlus One CM 12 Problems

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How To Fix OnePlus One CM 12 Problems

If you are a OnePlus user and recently you update the phone with the latest COS12 or CM12 and your phone is facing a lot of problems. Here is good news for you, now you can easily fix most of your phone issues. The biggest problem that OnePlus users are having is the problem of Wifi connection, not connecting to data, problem locating your sim card, releasing COS 12 themes app and more. Here are the solutions for all the major problems, all of you have to make some changes in the settings of the phone and flash some file to solve all the issues of your phone. All credit goes to the OnePlus forum member industry that comes with these master fixes.

Fix OnePlus One CM12 Problems

1. Wi-Fi Connection Problem

Most CM12 users are experiencing WiFi connectivity problems and cannot access the Internet on the phone. To solve this problem, you have to flash a file on your phone with the help of recovery.

Fix: flash this file

2. Data connection problem and phone shows 'emergency call only'

Another major problem that most CM12 users reported on forums. You can fix this easily. Go to Settings >> Mobile Network >> Access Point Name >> Select your carrier.

If the problem still exists, go to Settings >> Mobile Network >> Network Operator >> Select your carrier.

4. Cannot connect to data

At the top right of the screen (to access the Quick Settings menu), pull down> Network icon (right triangle)> toggle on (at the top right of the menu) select

5. MMS can not send

Don't worry that you can fix it very easily. Enter Default Messenger >> Click on the 3 vertical dots in the top right >> Settings >> Auto-Enabled Data >> On.

6. SIM card check problem

Another major problem most users faced after the update. No need to worry about it, go to Settings> Security> Set up SIM / RUIM card lock

7. CM 12 Theme Problems - Can change lock screen wallpaper to "None"

If you want your wallpaper to match your desktop, you have to select the same image and apply it to your lock screen.

8. Dail number and contact are not visible

Most users cannot see dialer numbers and contacts on the phone. To fix this problem go to Settings >> Theme >> System >> Apply

9. Ugly Cyanogen OS 12 Theme, Icon

Easy to fix, go to Settings >> Theme >> System >> Apply

10. Keyboard looks ugly

Go to Settings >> Language & Input >> Android Keyboard (AOSP) >> Appearance & Layout >> Themes >> Select the desired theme. Note that the Halo theme is similar to the KitKat keyboard.

11. Draw Laggy App

This is a trebuchet launcher issue. Download a different launcher from the play store.

12. Fix flawed GPS

The problem here is that location services are not allowed to receive your location.

To fix, go to Settings >> Privacy >> Privacy Guard >> Click on the 3 vertical dots at the top right of the screen >> Enable "Show System Apps" "Ground Location Access" Android System "," Location Services " Go to "Maps" and "Street View".
If the problem is still not resolved, navigate to: Settings >> Location >> Mode >> High Accuracy.

13. Where is my root?

Root lost on your device. This issue is very easy to fix.

Install SU from the Play Store>> Launch SU>> Follow the OnScreen prompts, to root your device.

14. Apps / System Crashes Continuously

This happens when you make an OTA update on your phone with dirty flash. The fix for this is very simple.

Turn off your phone >> press the power + volume down button simultaneously >> wipe the Dalvik cache and cache in recovery mode.

All the above fixes are easy to use and OnePlus is the fastest way to solve the common problem in one.

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