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Redmi Note 7 FRP Bypass Without Pc

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Redmi Note 7 FRP Bypass Without Pc

Hello friends, Once again we are here with another Xiaomi FRP bypass method and today we are going to talk about "How to delete or bypass Redmi Note 7 FRP lock". In Psst, we have already published many frp unlock tutorials for Xiaomi or? Redmi device. You can see them from our "FRP" section.

For today, we will show you how easy it is to unlock Redmi Note 7 FRP Lock or Redmi Note 7 Google Account Verification? There is no need to enter an existing Google ID or password to remove the factory reset protection lock on the Redmi Note 7. This means unlocking Redmi Note 7 Frp without a password. In addition, users can remove the Redmi Note 7 FRP without a PC or computer.

Here is the simple Redmi Note 7 MIUI 10 FRP unlock methods to unlock your device. Just follow the tutorial as shown in the post and unlock your own Redmi Note 7 FRP without any extra effort.

Perhaps, you may know that there are many other professional tools available to remove frp from Xiaomi devices, but they have different device compatibility and different methods according to the device model. In practice, FRP bypass tools are much less difficult to use for novice users who do not have sufficient knowledge about the frp tool.

If you are a newbie user then don't worry and want to use Redmi frp bypass tool to remove Redmi Note 7 FRI lock.

Without Redmi Note 7 FRP unlock PC method is 100% working and tested. If you are stuck on the Google account verification screen after a factory reset or hard reset, you can apply it to your device.

This Redmi FRP Unlock Redmi Note 7 MIUI10 without PC method is working properly on mobile. Otherwise, you can try it on any other Xiaomi or Redmo smartphone too.

How to remove Redmi Note 7 FRP without PC

If your device is locked or you are unable to unlock the device then you can remove the pattern lock or PIN password by a factory reset. Redmi Note 7 MIUI10 Mobile is a universal way for all smartphones.

But the problem is that, if you were using any Google account on the same device, it would ask to verify the Google account you were using before the factory reset. This is a Google factory reset protection feature to protect your device from a third person.

But some times it may be possible that you forget your pattern lock or pin lock. In that case, you can remove the pattern lock or PIN password by factory reset but after that, you will have to bypass the Redmi Note 7 FRP lock by applying the suggestions given below.

It really is very easy for everyone and there is no need to go anywhere to repair or unlock Redmi Note 7 mobile.

Now let's see how "How to unlock the Redmi Note 7 FRP lock without a computer?"
  • Before starting the Redmi Note 7 FRP unlock process, the factory resets your device with recovery and then moves on to the next step.
  • After the factory reset setup, select your device again, choose the language, and then connect the WiFi properly.
  • Now click on "add network" >> and type
  • Select all and then click "Hyperlink" to open "".
  • Click on three points from the "Youtube" site >>> "Select" word and privacy "option.
  • Now search for "Apexlauncher", install and open it. [Important step]
  • Now select the phone "Settings" >> "Lock Screen and Password" >> "Set Screen Lock" >> "Pin" >> any desired password.
  • Now reboot the device by pressing the power key directly.
  • After reboot device will ask for a password. Just enter the same password you choose in the above step and unlock the device.
  • In the next step, the device will check for the update and you will again see a new "unlock after factory reset" screen. Enter the same password.
  • Re-set the device as a new device. Bus. The device is now unlocked and you are free to use your Redmi Note 7 MIUI10 mobile.
  • done!!!
  • In this way, users can remove the Redmi note 7 FRP lock without a password and without a PC. Redmi note 7 MIUI10 does not require any additional FRP APK to bypass Google account verification lock. Follow the above steps properly and unlock the device without any professional Xiaomi frp tool.

Till now facing any issue or trouble in any step, please feel free to ask us by commenting below.

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