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Nokia 3310 Factory Reset | Unlock Nokia 3310 Security PIN

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Nokia 3310 Factory Reset | Unlock Nokia 3310 Security PIN 

Nokia 3310 Factory Reset | Unlock the Nokia 3310 Security PIN: Read the post to do a factory reset on the Nokia 3310 2017 using the code. There is no need to use any Nokia PC tool to unlock Nokia 3310 2017 smartphone. Just enter the Nokia unlock code and reset the Nokia 3310 mobile easily. For extra, we will show you how to unlock Nokia 3310? Both methods are working and tested by the 99 Nemasector teams. If you are unable to unlock Nokia 3310 using the code then follow the PC method.

Nokia 3310 factory reset without pc

This method is the easiest way to unlock the security password on Nokia 3310 [2017] mobile. In this method, we will use Nokia 3310 unlock code without PC. Ok, now follow the instructions given below and reset the Nokia 3310 2017 smartphone.

  • First charge your device around 50%
  • Take the Nokia 3310 2017 mobile in your hand.
  • Type the code below on the locked Nokia 3310 (2017) smartphone.

* # 7370 #
  • Here it will ask for "Restore Factory Settings", just press OK.
  • In the next step, you have to enter the security code.
Note: Default Nokia 3310 Security Code - 12345
If you had changed the default security code, there is nothing you can do and you have to go to the Nokia service center or use another method to unlock the PIN lock, another pin of the Nokia 3310.

  • After entering the correct security code, the phone will automatically restart.
  • Choose your home language and setup it again.
  • all done!!! You have a successful reset of Nokia 3310 2017 to unlock the passak.

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