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Flash Intex Infie 33 (IP0518ND) – Flash File & Tool

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How To Flash Intex Infie 33 (IP0518ND) – Flash File & Tool

Here is the quick guide for flashing an Android smartphone Intex Infie 33 (IPO518ND). If you are a user of Intex Infie 33 (IPO518ND) mobile and are now trying to install official stock ROMs to fix any software related problems, then this guide is for you. Here in this post, we are adding the latest stock ROMs for Intex Infie 33 (IPO518ND) with Flash Tools.

Perhaps you know that Flashing firmware is the right solution to remove any software problems. In addition, you can remove the pattern lock, pin lock, fridge lock of the mobile by stock firmware, Intex Info 33 (IPO518ND) mobile.

Just download the Intex Info 33 Stock Rome, drivers, and tools from the download section and flash it by following the steps given below. 100% of its work and testing process to install stock ROMs on mobile, in the Intelx 33 (IPO518ND) mobile.

There is no need to go anywhere for repairing the Intex Infie phone. You can flash official stock ROMs at your home without extra effort. It really is very easy but should be in the right way. Otherwise, a single step can brick permanently to the device.

Download Intex Infie 33 (IPO518ND) Stock ROMs, Drivers & Devices

Intex Infie 33 (IPO518ND) Flash Files, Tools, and Drivers: Downloads

How to use Intex Info4 (IPO518ND) Flash file

As we all know, Intex Infie 33 (IPO518ND) is a spade chipset based android mobile and its firmware comes in .cpb format. This means we can use any .cpb firmware flashing tools like QGDP tools or YGDP tools or MDT-SMTT etc.

At this time we are using the MDT-SMT Flash Tool as the Intex Infie 33 Flash Tool, a fully tested device for Intex Infie 33 (IPO518ND) mobile.

  • Download and install "SPD drivers" on Windows PC. This will have to create a bridge connection between PC and mobile. If already installed, skip the phase.

  • Extract download "INTEX_INTEXAQUAFulVUe5_7.0.039.P1.180709.SP093FS098 Zip File" on PC. Here you will see the firmware file in .cpb format

  • As above, remove the downloaded "MDT-SMT-1.1.0-0904 zip file" and run the "360OS-MDT-SMT.exe" file as an administrator.

  • Now you will see an MDT-SMT interface with ID password section. Leave it with the same values. Otherwise, use the login ID and password below.

Account ID: Admin

Password: 123456

  • Now click on the "SEL" button and load the file "INTEX_INTEXAQUAFulVUe5_7.0.039.P1.180709.SP093FS098.cpb" from the extracted firmware folder.

  • Now click on the "Dropdown arrow" >> Set this to "Test" and then hit the "login" button.

  • Once the tool is launched on PC, click on the "Start" button and it will start configuring files. Configuring all firmware files here will take a few minutes.

Important Step: You now have to boot the device using the hardware key.

  • Power off the device and then connect the device to the PC via USB cable.
  • Hold the key + Volume Up key at the same time
  • Once the device has booted, release the power key and continue the volume down and up keys.

  • Now come to the tool, select the "SCANPORT" tab to find the right port. Select available poets and then hit the "Save" button.

  • Click the "Start" button to start the flashing process. If the flashing has not started, remove the USB cable again and re-plug it with the appropriate boot key.

  • It will take 5-10 minutes to flash the entire ROM here. Once you are able to see the screen below with the "Download Success" message, you are free to remove the USB cable from the device.

  • Reboot the device and set it up again. This time it will boot without asking Google account verification or pattern lock / PIN password.

  • Done!!!

In this way, we can install stock ROMs on Intex Infie 33 (IP0518ND) using the MDT-SMT tool. It has 100% work and testing so that you can follow the same tutorial as described in the tutorial.

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