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Samsung J6 FRP Bypass Using Combination File [J600G & J600F]

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Are you trying to find a perfect method to remove the Samsung J6J600G / J600F frp lock? If so, you have landed in the right place. Here in this Samsung J6 FRP Bypass tutorial, we are going to use the Samsung J6 combination file [ADB file/factory binary mode].

All necessary files like Samsung J6J 600G combination files, Samsung J6J 600F combination file, flash file [firmware] and flash tools are available for download from the download section below.

As we all know, we can unlock pattern lock/pin lock on Samsung J6 by factory reset from recovery mode. But the problem is that the device will get stuck on Google account verification after factory reset. This is called FRP lock. If the device is stuck on the Google Account verification screen or is asking to verify the Google Account ID and password, then you have to enter the same existing Google Account Certificate. Otherwise, FRP lock does not allow you to unlock the device.

In that case enter the correct password and mail id, otherwise, remove or bypass the FRP on Samsung J6J 600F / J600G.

If you try to search, there are many other tools and FRP bypass methods available to bypass the Samsung J6 2018 FRP  Lock. But it is important to know that every time Google patched all loopholes with its new security patches level. In essence, it is not possible that the old FRP bypass move will work for the updated security patch level.

But if you are using the Samsung J6 combination file or Samsung J6 ADB file, there is no need to worry about any security patch level.

ADB file or combination files are pre-enabled USB debugging files to enable USB debugging in FRP lock devices. Simply flash the Samsung combination file using the Odin Flash tool to enable ADB mode or USB debugging in the Samsung J6 phone lock.

Method To Flash Samsung ADB File [Combination File]

Update Qualcomm Drivers On Pc

If your Samsung J6 phone is stuck on the FRP lock screen, then you can try different ways to bypass the Samsung FRP Lock. But it is not necessary that the entire Samsung FRP trick will work for you. In that case, if you have the Samsung J6 combination file [Pre-enabled ADB file], you can easily open a factory binary on your device. In short, you can enable USB debugging and OEM unlocks FRP Lock Samsung mobile.

Download Samsung Galaxy J6 Combination File [J600G/J600F], Drivers and Firmware

Samsung J6 SM-J600G Combination File [ADB File] DOWNLOAD / MIRROR

Samsung J6 SM-J600F Combination File [ADB File] DOWNLOAD / MIRROR

Samsung USB Drivers DOWNLOAD

Samsung Flash Tool [ODIN] DOWNLOAD /MIRROR

Samsung J6 Firmware [Official Stock ROM]

Samsung Galaxy J6 SM-J600G Stock ROM Oreo 8.0.0 [Indian Variant] DOWNLOAD / MIRROR

Download Firmware For Samsung J6 Firmware DOWNLOAD / MIRROR

How to flash and remove FRP lock Using Combination File [Samsung J6 J600G & J600F]

First, remove the back panel of the mobile and confirm the device's model number, and then download the appropriate combination file and flash file from the download section.

Now start the process of removing the FRP Lock on Samsung Galaxy J6 with combination files.

Step01 Arrangement Of Files And Tool

  • Download the Samsung J6 combination files and Flash files [J600G / J600F] and save them in one of the folders for easy navigation.
  • Remove the Samsung J6 ADB files downloaded on the PC.
  • Remove Samsung Galaxy J6 Official Firmware on PC Download. [Samsung Galaxy J6 firmware has 4 flash files]

  • Extract the downloaded "Odin Flash Tool" and run the "Oding.exe" file as an administrator. After the tool launches, leave it. We will use it again in the next step.

Step02 Boot  Samsung Galaxy J6 in Download Mode

As we all know, the latest Samsung Galaxy J6 device does not have a "Home" key. So this time it is slightly different from the traditional method.

  • Turn off the device properly.
  • Press the volume down key and press + Volume key together and insert the USB cable at the same time. You will now see the warning message on the phone screen.
  • After this, press the volume up key once to boot in Download Mode. [Device should be in "Odin Mode"]

Step 03 Flash Combination File and Enable USB Debugging in FRP Samsung J6 Lock

  • Reopen Odin Open Tool and this time you will see the "Added" message in the log window, if the device is properly connected in the download mode with the PC.

  • Navigate to the "Options" tab and configure the tool shown below.

  • Click on the "AP" button and browse to the "Samsung J6 ADB file [.tar / .tar.md5]" from the extracted folder. [Wait a few seconds to load the file]

Important: [.tar.md5 files] at the time of loading the firmware files, may take a long time to load or the Odin can not respond. Do not worry about it and wait a few seconds to load full files. This is normal. The loading time depends on your firmware size and it may be different for different Samsung devices.

  • Finally, click on the "Start" button to start flashing combination file.
  • After successful shine, it will show a green "pass" message on the window of the tool.
  • The device will reboot again in factory binary mode.
Confirm USB debugging status and OEM

  1. Now click on "Apps" >> "Settings" as shown below.
  2. Then go to "System" >> tap "Build number" 7 times >> Enter "Developer Options" >> "Enable debugging and OEM unlock when not enabled"
  3. Turn off the device again.

Step 04 Remove FRP on Samsung Galaxy J6

Now we are in the final stage. Once you have the USB Jab Device enabled in your debugging. The Samsung Galaxy J 6 FP is free to bypass the Samsung Galaxy J6 FP by official firmware.

  • Relaunch the Odin tool [leave it if already opened]
  • Redo Boot Mode in Download Mode [Odin Mode] [Follow step 02]
  • Now load all the Flash files in the appropriate section. [The Samsung J6 firmware has 5 files. Load all the files in the Odin tool in the appropriate section.]
  • Click on "BL" from the Firmware folder and load the BLFlash file.
  • Click on "AP" from the firmware folder and load the AP flash file.
  • Remove "cp" from the firmware folder and click on the loaded cp flash file.
  • Click "CSC" and load the CSC Flash file by removing the firmware folder.

[Do not use the home_sSE file ", otherwise the issue will be recovered.]

  • Finally hit the "Start" button to start the firmware flashing process. [Shorten or delete USB cable during firmware flashing process]

  • After completing the flashing process, you will see the device "green" message on the tool and the device will restart.
Please note this time it may take a long time to reboot the first boot after flashing. So sit back and wait for the normal boot.

  • all done!!!!
  • Reset the device as a new device and this time it will not ask you for Google account verification.
So this is a complete step by step tutorial for removing Google account verification on Samsung Galaxy J6 using people combination file [factory reset file]. This is the 100% working and testing method for the latest security patch level. So you can apply it to your Samsung J6 to remove FRP lock.

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