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Lava Z61 FRP Unlock Without Box [Lava Z61 FRP File]

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Lava Z61 FRP Unlock Without Box [Lava Z61 FRP File]

Hey guys, once again we are here with another FRP bypass tutorial. Today we are going to talk about Lava Z61 FRP Unlock Trick 2018. There is no need to use any professional tools like Lava Z61 FRP bypass, UMT dongle, miracle tool etc. This means that we will remove a Lava Z61 FRP without box.

Here in this guide, we are going to use free SP flash tool as Lava Z61 FRP device and Lava Z61 FRP file. We tested this method with the latest security patches on Lava Z61 Android Nugget So if you are one of those who wants to unlock the Lava Z61 pattern lock or pin lock, format the device with recovery mode. It will easily unlock all the screen lock on the device. But the problem is that if you were using any Google Account on the same device, it will be stuck on the Google Account Verification screen. Developed by Google, this is called FRP lock which secures the third person of your device.

So if you have the same FRP lock issue on Lava Z61 nougat Mobile, then follow the guide below and unlock Lava Z61 factory reset protection or Lava Z61 Google account verification without box There is no need to flash the firmware or use any premium tool. Simple Reset FRP file and SP Flash Tool are enough to unlock Lava Z61 after reset.

Guide: Unlock Flash Device with Lava Z61 FRP Lock

As we have already told you that there is no need to buy or use any professional flash tool to bypass Lava Z61 frp lock. Download the latest SpA Flash Tool and Lava Z161 FRP file from the Download section below and follow the guide below as shown below.

PLEASE NOTE: Some users have reported that they are getting "Tool DL Image Failure Error" after resetting FRP on Lava z61 on La Flash Z61. So read the post carefully because we will also tell you how to fix the tool DL error in Lava Z61 mobile error? "

Pre-Requirements To Unlock Lava Z61 FRP Lock With Sp Flash Tool

  • Charge the device almost. 80% to prevent casual electricity between FRP reset process.
  • The USB cable and PC / Laptop.
  • Make sure you have a "Google Account Verification Issue" or "FRP Lock."

Download Lava Z61 FRP Tool, Driver and Lava Z61 FRP Reset File

Lava Z61 FRP Bypass Tool [SP Flash Tool] : DOWNLOAD
Lava Z61 FRP Reset File: DOWNLOAD 
Lava Z61 USB Divers [VCOM Driver]: DOWNLOAD

Steps to remove Lava Z61 Google Account verification

  • Download all files [FRP bypass tool, FRP reset file, USB divers] on your desktop for easy navigation.
[FRP Bypass Tool, FRp Reset File, USB Divers
  • Install the VCOM driver on the PC, if not already installed.
  • Extract the Download "Lava Z61 FRP Reset File Zip" on PC. [This file contains all the necessary files like scattered loading files and bin files etc.
Lava z61 frp removal files

  • Extract the "flash tool" and run "flashtool.exe" as admin on pc.

  • Once the tool launches, click the "Select" button under the "Download-Agent" section and load the "MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin" file from the "Lava Z61 FRP reset file" folder as shown below.

  • Next click on the “Choose” button under the “Scatter-loading file” section and load “MT6739_Android_scatter.txt” file from “Lava Z61 FRP reset file” folder as shown below.

  • Now navigate according to the "FORMAT" tab >> "manual format flash" >> Begin Address[HEX]” & “Format Length[HEX]” values as shown below.

Copy the code 0x2d88000 and paste it to begin address [HEX]

Copy 0x100000 code and paste the format length  [HEX]

  • Click the "STAR" button to start the FRP reset process.
  • Come to the device, remove the battery once and re-connect and connect the device to the PC via working USB cable without pressing any key. The device will detect the device and reset the FRP lock within a few seconds.

  • Now turn the device back on again. This time it will not ask for Google account verification or frp lock. That means you have successfully removed frp lock from Lava Z61  nougat Mobile.

Important: If you are getting the "tool DL image fail error" after reset frp by following the above method, please resume the steps shown below.

  • Go back to the main section and click on the check mark on the "cache" option only and untick everything.

  • Finally hit the "Download" button from the device.
  • Remove the battery from the device again and connect it to the battery without the battery The device will detect the device and automatically reset the frp lock.

  • Re-insert the battery and boot the device.
  • Setup the device as a new device. done!!!

All this is about Lava Z61 Factory Reset or Lava Z61 FRP unlock 2018 latest security patch level.

Simply download the Lava Z61 frp file and the SP Flash tool to remove Google account verification after factory reset.

To receive any issue at any stage so far, please leave your comment below. If this works for you, then confirm with your valuable comment.

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